Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Windows 7 Support Is Ending Soon

January 14, 2020 to be exact. What this means is that if there are any security holes after the 14th, Microsoft will not fix or patch them. They are abandoning it like they've abandoned previous versions of Windows. Your Windows 7 computer will be exposed to viruses and hackers. 

Don't worry. You have options. You can upgrade your computer to Windows 10. If your current computer can't handle Windows 10, you can invest in a newer computer. Be sure to back up your data and wipe the hard drive before selling or donating your old hardware.

Of course, I can help you with all of this. I won't be able to do this over Remote Service. But, you can bring your computer in or ship it to me. I give free checkups and free estimates. Data backup and restoration is included with service. Free antivirus is available.

Call for a Free Estimate: 361-334-9265

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