Thursday, May 23, 2019

RapidTech Gaming/Facebook Stream: Dauntless

Dauntless is a Monster Hunter like game where you're a slayer hunting behemoths. It's been on PC for a while and has just been released on console with full cross-platform play and progression. Thank you, Epic Games.

I started playing last night on PS4 just to get a feel and I liked it. The game walks you through the basic skills you're going to need. Fighting, Healing, Crafting, and Creating your load out before you go out for hunt. It's super easy to play after a few minutes. And, did I mention, it's Free-To-Play. No up front cost. Just download and play. There is plenty to purchase from the store. You even have a Hunter Pass Elite which is like a Battle Pass on Fortnite. But, no purchase is necessary to play the game. However, I did run into other slayers last night that had great looking armor. Now, I'm looking forward to what I can do with my slayer.

My first impressions are that it was fun and easy to get into. So, if you want to squad up, I'll be playing on PS4 when I go live on Facebook. Check out the stream and say hi.

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