Friday, January 13, 2017

Nintendo Switch Release Date and Presentation [Updated]

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First, you'll want to start the video at 32:56 when the presentation actually starts.

Well, it's finally here. The release date of the new Nintendo Switch: March 3, 2017

Before this presentation, I was somewhat interested in the Switch. I was thinking it was just a portable gaming console with removable controls. What's the big deal? But, after watching this presentation I can say I'm excited. I'm loving the hardware even though we don't have any real specs on performance and storage. It can be charged with a regular USB cable. I love that. With that said, I do think the $299 price mark is high when you can get a PS4 or Xbox One for less. 

I love the look and potential of the Joycon. I can't wait to try them out. HD rumble packs that will add more to the feel of games. The Switch comes with two so you can share one with a friend. And, these controls are so advanced you can play some games without a screen. That's pretty innovative when you realize that every gaming console requires a screen for all games. Plus, it looks fun.

However, after watching the presentation, we are still left with questions. What are the system specs? We know we can buy physical copies of the games. But, what if we want to buy digital versions? This is where storage comes in. So, how much storage will the Switch have? Nintendo is creating a new multiplayer network. How much will it cost a year? How will the benefits compare to PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold? I'm not asking these questions out of doubt or to beat up Nintendo. I'm still excited about the Switch and the future of Nintendo.

If you do plan to get one. Pre-Order now. I heard in the Nintendo podcast after the presentation that there will only be 2 million units on release day. And, this is for the entire world. I know those will go quickly. Then, the rest of us will have to wait as Nintendo manufactures more and releases them to the public.

This leads me to the most important thing about any gaming console: The games. We can't expect too much from a new console. That's just the way things are when a console is released. But, the Switch has a good lineup for this year. Minecraft is coming to Nintendo. FIFA should really show how well the hardware works since it's such a demanding game. Mariokart! Street Fighter 2 Ultra! Not that any of this matters since the new Legend of Zelda will be released on the same day as the Switch. I'm sure that will keep gamers business for a good while.

But, here's a picture of upcoming games and their release dates (Click the on the picture to make it larger):

Update: To answer the questions about storage, the Switch will come with 32 GB of internal storage. And, you'll be able to use MicroSD cards that are up to 2TB.

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