Monday, January 30, 2017

Major League Baseball Hacking Investigation Ends With A $2 Million Fine

By: Vincent Esquivel

As a tech, I warn individuals and businesses about all sorts of hacking. Criminals trying to get personal information. Or, they steal money directly from your bank account. There's also methods of taking down websites which can bring business to a halt. This happens all the time in the financial and tech industries. Some of these businesses are worth billions of dollars.

However, we forget that sports are also a billion dollar industry and is just as susceptible to hacking. Case in point, the Cardinals/Astros hacking investigation.

As reported today by the Washington Post:

Despite finding (Chris) Correa acted alone, Manfred ruled the Cardinals were “vicariously liable for his misconduct” and that the Astros suffered “material harm” as a result. Correa, who pleaded guilty a year ago to five counts of unauthorized access to a protected computer and is now serving a 46-month sentence in federal prison, was also banned for life from baseball.

The Cardinals were fined $2 million and their two top draft picks. These were then give to the Astros.

I'm hoping this money is invested in more IT security. I can safely assume that this is not the first or last time this type of computer hacking will happen. It's a different era.

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