Monday, January 23, 2017

Google Voice Apps Finally Get Major Updates

By: Vincent Esquivel

If you know me, I'm a huge Google Voice user. It's one of my business' biggest secret weapons. I use Google Voice to use my business phone number on my cell phone, tablet, and computers. I can place calls and send texts from either. It's super easy to block those annoying telemarketers. The features are too numerous to list. I highly recommend it for small business owners and operators.

And, now Voice is going to get updated after years of neglect. We're finally going to be able to partake in group messages. I was hoping for this feature for a good while now. Plus, we get a new user interface that looks nice. 

I can't wait to download the updated app. If you haven't gotten a Google Voice number, you can get one for free. Or, you can port you current number over for a small one time fee. Do a little research and see if it serves your needs.

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