Sunday, December 4, 2016

xHamster Hacked. 380,000 accounts leaked.

Let me begin this post with the fact that xHamster is a porn site. It's Not Safe For Work. But, this article can be viewed safely any where.

The site got hacked and login details of close to 380,000 accounts have been leaked. This includes user names, passwords, and emails. So, if you use this website, it's time to change your password.

The main reason I bring this event up is that it's not a matter if a website will be hacked. But, when will it be hacked. And, more imporant, is where you are putting your personal data. 

Remember Ashley Madison? That data leak ended up ruining relationships, careers, and lives. 

Of course, I'm not here to tell people how to live or what to do with their personal data.

But, it's a new era. Be aware of where your personal information is around the cyber universe.

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