Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tech Support Scam is Affecting More People

In recent times, I've been getting more and more calls about this issue.

Not too long ago, I had a customer message me in a panic. She was saying that a lady told her over the phone that her computer was hacked and would crash in two days. Of course, I probed for more information. Turned out that she received a pop up on her Macbook and called the number within the pop up.

On the other end was a person saying she represented Mac Tech Support. She talked the customer into downloading a remote support app and took over the computer. She went on to show the customer that there were errors and viruses on the computer. She then demanded $260 to solve the problems or the computer would crash and she would lose all of her files.

First and foremost, this is a scam. Microsoft or Apple will not contact you directly about a problem on your personal computer. Do not call the number. Just close the message. As a precaution, you can download Sophos antivirus for Mac or AVG Free for Windows. They are free and legit.

But, the main thing is to never let anyone take over your computer remotely. There's no telling what files they're copying,or deleting. Even worse, what programs they can be installing to crash your computer or track your activity. This is where the threat of identity theft becomes very real. Don't give out your contact information and credit card number.

If they call, hang up.

Browse safely. And, always back up your files.


  1. It amazes me what lengths people will go to to scam people nowadays. Fake tech support numbers? What ever happened to good ol' fashioned malware? Not that I'm advocating the use of malware, obviously, but it sure seems like a lot less effort than maintaining some sort of call center just for scamming people.

    Fred | Amazing Support

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