Monday, May 11, 2015

This Virus Destroys Your Computer If Detected

Of course, this doesn't mean to stop using antivirus software. However, it definitely means it's time to regularly back up your files if you haven't done so. A computer taken down by a virus can always be brought back to life. However, files that are digitally shredded by a virus are usually not recoverable.

A new type of malware resorts to crippling a computer if it is detected during security checks, a particularly catastrophic blow to its victims.
The malware, nicknamed Rombertik by Cisco Systems, is designed to intercept any plain text entered into a browser window. It is being spread through spam and phishing messages, according to Cisco’s Talos Group blog on Monday.
Rombertik goes through several checks once it is up and running on a Windows computer to see if it has been detected.
That behavior is not unusual for some types of malware, but Rombertik “is unique in that it actively attempts to destroy the computer if it detects certain attributes associated with malware analysis,” wrote Ben Baker and Alex Chiu of the Talos Group.

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