Tuesday, November 9, 2010

First Look: Windows Phone 7 by Maximum PC [Video]

In my opinion, I think Windows Phone 7 is still lacking. You can't send MMS messages. How is that possible in 2010? You can't create PowerPoint presentations with the Office app. This would be a cool incentive for power users that travel a lot. Speaking of Office, you can't save your files to Skydrive. Which is a Microsoft service. However, I guess it's great for Zune users. That means you won't have to carry around your Zune and your phone. Now, they come in one unit. This will also be great for Xbox Live users. To see who's online and what they are up to.

So, how does the near future look for Windows Phone 7? It looks awesome from what they offer now. But, I wouldn't buy one at the moment. Why, you ask? Can you imagine what will be possible in a year? Phones seem to be getting faster by the day. The more Microsoft builds into their phone OS, the more I'll be tempted to stray away from Android.

Hey, if you got the money to spend, get one. However, if you're like me, I'll wait for the big improvements. I don't like to spend money on experimenting. :)

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