Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy Birthday America! $50 PC Repair Special - Podcast Ep 7

by Vincent Esquivel

To help you celebrate Independence Day I want to fix your computer problems and help you save money.

$50 Desktop and Laptop Repair. This Special is for Drop-Offs only. Parts are extra. Estimates are always Free. From the Best Virus Removal to Data Recovery to Hardware Repair. Don't know what's wrong with your computer? Let me troubleshoot it at no charge.

Hurry! Viruses don't remove themselves and slow computers don't speed themselves up. This special ends on Friday.

Can't leave your computer with me? On-Site hourly rates are available.

I also provide a service where I can teach you an easy, straight forward method of protecting and maintaining your computers and data with free, legit software. If you can browse the internet and check your email, you can protect your computer. Saving you thousands of dollars through the years.

Don't throw away your broken computer. Either I can fix it or you can donate it to me. I wipe the hard drive data for free. I rebuild computers for families in need and non profit organizations.

Call me today: 361-334-9265

Or message me on Facebook:

Fast & Friendly Computer Repair Since 2005


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