Wednesday, March 1, 2017

RapidTech 12th Anniversary - $50 Computer Repair

UPDATE: This Deal ended March 31, 2017.

By: Vincent Esquivel

On March 1, 2005 RapidTech was born. 12 years later and I'm still repairing computers and helping solve customers' tech problems. I'm proud to serve the Corpus Christi area. 

Of course, it's not just about me or RapidTech. It's all about the customers. Helping anyway I can. Providing free estimates. Free diagnostics with service. Empowering customers with knowledge and free software. This alone saves my customers thousands of dollars through the years. Why spend money when there are free, legit alternatives. And, of course, RapidTech service is always guaranteed. Even virus removal.

Heading into a new year of business, I want to serve my community more. Providing more information and knowledge that will help families and individuals get the most out of their computers. This can genuinely lead to having better lives. I also want to provide more how-to information to show people how to repair and maintain their computers. There's no need to throw away our tools when they can simply be fixed. That's the main reason I love to blog and record the RapidTech Podcast. 

So, let's celebrate. For the month of March computer repair is only $50. That's for The Best Virus Removal. Hard Drive installs. Data Transfer or Backup. And, other services. Of course, estimates are always free. Drop-offs only. Parts are extra. Got questions? I will be so happy to answer them.

Your Friend in Computer Repair. Give me a call today: 361-334-9265


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